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My new Website, which will be launching in mid June!

If you've enjoyed my horoscopes for the Telegraph, and found them helpful, I hope you'll enjoy Interactive Stars, too.

Click here to visit the website, then check the top menu for examples of the horoscopes and reports you'll be able to
calculate for yourself instantly on line in the near future.


Personal Daily Horoscopes and Relationship Updates

I'm very excited that I will now be able to offer a range of fully personalised daily horoscopes and relationship updates,
as well as longer-term forecasts and reports. They're all based on your actual date of birth, and time, if known - not just
on your zodiac sign - which is only possible on line.

If you want to leave your name and email, below, we'll let you know as soon as you can sign up with your own birth details:

Email Address:

My last horoscopes for the Telegraph website, and for Stella Magazine, will appear on July 10 and I'll now be focusing
exclusively on real personal astrology at Interactive Stars.

Best wishes, Catherine

It's time to go beyond your zodiac sign!